Hen Parties

Hen Parties

When it comes to planning a hen party, you’ve got to make sure its as fun as possible and that’s where we come in as we have some great hen party ideas! We have a number of services which are perfect for hen do’s. From our cocktail courses to our bartender hire, I’m sure we have the entertainment and hen party ideas for you.

Cocktail Masterclass

Our cocktail masterclasses are available UK wide. We have a minimum number of 8 guests. For our masterclasses we would provide:
• Fully trained cocktail staff
• All cocktail & bar equipment such as shakers, strainers, speed pourers
• All the alcohol & ingredients for the cocktails
• Disposable glassware
• A menu to display for your guests to view
• All the little bits - napkins, paper straws, garnishes
Prices start from £30 per head.

Cocktail Masterclass - At One Of Our Venues

We have partnered with numerous venues across the country to offer masterclasses at their venues. The masterclass is pretty much as above but at one of their city centre locations across the UK. The courses generally last for around 90 minutes. They are a great way to make cocktails with your friends or colleagues.
We can hold our courses in the following locations:

London (various venues) | Brighton | Reading | Bath | Bournemouth | Bristol | Cheltenham | Southampton | Birmingham | Cardiff | Blackpool | Liverpool | Manchester | Leeds | Newcastle | York | Edinburgh

Cocktail Bartender Hire

If you have a fun packed evening planned but you need drinks (who doesn’t?) then why not hire one of our cocktail bartenders to mix up some mouth-watering cocktails for you and the girls while you socialise, play games and enjoy your evening. Our bartenders come with all their equipment and can be hired for anytime from 2.5 hours. This is available UK wide.

Cocktail Making Clinic

We offer a cocktail making clinic where its run similarly to the course above but you supply the alcohol and mixers, we supply the cocktail making equipment and the bartender. This is the best option for a tighter budget. Still the same amount of fun and creativity, just a little cheaper for you. Our cocktail making clinics can take place anywhere in the UK. We will send you a shopping list for all the ingredients needed so you’d know exactly what’s required.
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