Bar Consultancy

We have the people to help you with your requirements

Whether you’re opening a new bar and need to train your staff or need help increasing your revenue by adding cocktails to your menu – we have the people to help you with your requirements. Our bar consultants work nationwide to help bars and restaurants increase revenue by giving advice on your staffing, products and pricing. We have a team of trained consultants who can come into your establishment to help with your business. We have helped many businesses in different forms. Please find below some information on our services available.

We can help

New Bars, Pub’s & Restaurants Training

So you’re opening a new establishment but you don’t know where to start with staffing, stock, equipment etc. We can come in and help you with this. We can come in and help for as little or as long as required to help you with the bar opening. Our consultants will be at the venue advising and training you and your staff on how to run the bar.


We can help with all aspects of opening the bar such as the following:

Staff training (using the till, serving the drinks, the drink measures, licensing laws etc)

Product placement (where you place the drinks in the fridges and behind the bar is very important)

We will work alongside the staff so if they have any questions – we are there to help. We usually work with the staff for at least 4 shifts but this can be increased or decreased if you wish.

Pricing (you need to get the pricing just right. You don’t want to be too expensive, or then again, too cheap).

Staff recruitment (we can help you hire the staff that are just right)

Help with suppliers and stock levels

Looking to increase your revenue?

Further Bar Training

So you’ve got the bar and want to increase your revenue? A great way to do this is to add other forms of revenue from different types of drinks. Why not add cocktails to your menu? They offer a fantastic profit margin and have become very popular. Our consultants can come in to train your staff and work alongside your staff until you feel they are ready to go it alone.

Hiring our consultants may cost you money to start with but the costs will be more than covered with the addition of cocktails, it makes financial sense. Our bar consultants are originally fully trained in working behind the bar making cocktails for at least 3 years. They each have the highest level of experience, so we can make sure we pass this knowledge onto your staff to excel your business.

Bartender is making cocktail at bar counter
Ideal for customer research

Mystery Shopper / Visitor

We have a package which is ideal for the business wanting to know how its doing from a customer basis. We have been hired by numerous types of establishments to go in and evaluate the service received by their staff.

For this package we would visit the site on the day you have requested and evaluate the staff and service from start to finish. This can also have any additional areas you would like to be checked such as food standards or hotel rooms and the booking process. Once we have visited the venue, we will send you a full report of the findings and are suggestions on how to improve the service. We suggest having a second visit booked for a later date to see how the business was doing after the report and findings to make sure it has been improving.

If you’d like to find out more on how we can help you then please get in contact so we can put together a bespoke package which is right for you and your business. Email: Tel: 01483 600577.